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Zimbabwean President Emmason Munangagwa signs the TNF Bill

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangangwa signed into law the Tripartite Negotiating Forum (TNF) Bill. This law is what he calls the culture against militancy. This new Bill outlaws industrial action like strikes and protests before exhausting other channels such as negotiations. The Bill comes after there has been calls for protests and strikes on social media over the crushing economy. There are some protests that did not go well in the past for Zimbabweans resulting in a number of people being gunned down by the military in an effort to maintain law and order. Zimbabweans are currently facing an economic downturn reminiscent of the period leading to the GNU in 2009. Salaries and wages have remained generally stagnant while prices for food and other basic goods are sky rocketing. Earlier this year, Zimbabwe adopted a local currency called the RTGS dollar. The new currency has since suffered a huge devaluation, both on the official market as well as the unofficial 'black' market. In some rural areas, shops are no longer accepting the local currency opting for either the South African Rand or the United States Dollar. President Mnangagwa is calling for more dialogue between government, employers and employees before industrial actions. “In the second republic, let us shun the culture of militancy, disharmony and demonstrations. We must develop greater understanding of each other’s perspective because each one of us has a duty, like one writer says, 'most problems would disappear if people talked to each other more instead of talking about each other'" he added.

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