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Zim government amends the criminal law

By Thandekile Ndlovu

The government of Zimbabwe recently amended the criminal law (the Codification and Reform act chapter 9: 23)act law that will criminalize protests. This law law was approved by the cabinet on the 27th of October by the Zimbabwean government.

According to the new amendment, it will be criminal to organize protests during or before a day of an international event. Protests that also involve funding from foreign embassies will regarded as criminal, offenders to this law will be imprisoned. The government also noted that the law entails the criminalising of fake abductions by protestors will result to law enforcement agencies taking action. This includes that they won't be protests online or on the ground, no strikes, or talking to the embassies.

It has been understood that these protests have soiled the country’s image as it fights to bring foreign investment and re-engaging with the Western countries. This comes after the country has been campaigning against ZIDERA sanctions imposed by the US and it’s new business mantra 'Zimbabwe is open for business.’https://twitter.com/InfoMinZW/status/1321102313772224514?s=19

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