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Wild life and cattle are first to taste the effects of drought

More than 2000 cattle have been reported dead in the Matabeleland region due to the effects of drought. Rivers and dams have dried up, also it has not rained for a while and there is no grazing. Zimbabweans cannot afford to buy cattle feed as it is no longer affordable. Cattle are priced possessions in the African culture and they are a source of wealth and food for many but this year keeping them in good health and in good shape and size for sale has proved a huge challenge.

Wildlife have also moved away from parks and moved into traditional communal lands especially in Plumtree districts where elephants have been reported to be drinking with domestic animals. Many wild animals have also succumbed to the drought. This also means that next year the situation will be even tougher for Matabeleland people especially in the rural areas due to food shortages.

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