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Why do Women continue using the unsafe Depo Provera?

Depo provera or simply depo was introduced in Zimbabwe in 1969, banned in 1981 and unbanned in 1992. Depo was banned in Europe because of its side effects. The Contraceptive has a high chance of causing cancer and leaving women barren. A research done in 1975 showed that 74% of women who were using contraceptives were using depo and it is surprising that up to today it is still very popular. Women prefer it to any other contraceptive.


Depo provera is cheaper and women take it once every three months unlike the pill which although safe requires to be taken daily.

No one can ever see that they have taken it especially men (private acceptors). So women prefer it for private family planning.

Depo was banned in Zimbabwe due to its side effects and other reasons in 1981 by the then minister of health Dr Herbert Ushewokunze. Within a year of the ban many women wanted it back. According to Emily Callaci, who wrote the book “injectable Development” Depo-Provera and Creation of the Global South, women wanted to be able to control the number of children they wanted to have. Some women said men want to have plenty of childern for labour and for prestige but do not want to take care of them.

Drop us a comment as to why you think women do not want to let go of depo.

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