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What can Bulawayo be a hub of in future?

Bulawayo is the second largest city in Zimbabwe. It used to be known as an industrial hub till the early 2000s when the country's economy took a turn for the worst. Bulawayo is now a grave yard of old and dilapidating buildings of factories that closed a long time ago. Some Churches have found refuge in these buildings and are conducting their services from there. The main CBD is the same story. Companies closed down and they are a number of empty buildings. It is slowly becoming a ghost town. The town has been the same for over 3 decades.

To revive the city and giving it a face lift we need to think: What Bulawayo can be a hub of in the near future?


Dubai is one of the largest cities in the U.A.E (United Arab Emirates )The U.A.E was known for its oil wells. When the oil reserves were drying up the country had to find ways to remain profitable. They made it known to the world that Dubai was the perfect stop over for any plane going to other continents for it is located in a central position between all the continent. By that they grew their tourism sector in Dubai. It went from being a desert to a cosmopolitan city with 8 star hotels and skii resorts.


Johannesburg is the fastest growing city in South Africa. It has grown so much that one cannot tell where Johannesburg starts and ends. It has become impossible to identify the demarcation line between Jo'burg and Pretoria. Johannesburg is known as Egoli (the city of gold). Now it is the cosmopolitan center of South Africa, where where there are plenty of business opportunities as well as a fast pace life. It is also a tourist destination, showcasing its culture, history and technology.

How then can Bulawayo be revived to it's past glory?

●Bulawayo has a strong entertainment background. The arts has great talent, from music, to acting, poetry and writing.

●Bulawayo has all the constitutionally recognized languages meaning 16 different cultures in one place.

●The city has a strong historical background both good and bad

●It's town planning is remarkable, it still holds its cleanliness and has safe drinking water

●it has amazing tourist destinations

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