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Tropical Cyclone Idai Left 3 Southern African Countries devastated

The tropical Cyclone Idai barreled

across Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe destroying infrastructure, leaving thousands homeless, many people still missing, and more than 1000 people feared dead. The cyclone is said to have started forming on the 4th of March in the Indian ocean and started to gradually grow over time. On Friday 15th of March the cyclone hit the city of Beira. It continued to rampage its way in land till it died in Zimbabwe on Saturday 16th of March.

More than 90% of Beira port has been damaged according to Red Cross. In Zimbabwe Manicaland province was greatly affected. Roads and bridges were damaged leaving rural areas inaccessible by road nor by air because of fog. There are still efforts to rescue people and to clear roads and be able to reach the affected people. In Mozambique, Beira is mostly accessible and by boats. Rescuers are trying their best to reach those places.

All three countries are facing economic challenges. About two weeks ago Zimbabwe received dejecting news that the U.S had increased sanctions. The Zimbabwean citizens from in and outside the country, organisations, government and businesses have joint their hands working tirelessly to help the affected. More medical care is needed for the victims. The United nations has deployed assistance and has released some money to help. It has been announced that food is the major challenge especially getting it to affected areas that are inaccessible.

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