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The unfinished project called NUST

On Left is the Library and on the right is the student center

We have welcomed a new decade and the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) is still one of the many unfinished projects in Bulawayo. The second-largest public university in Zimbabwe was opened on the 8th of April 1991 and today almost 30 years later it is still an unfinished project. The university's student centre and library stand out like a sore thumb as they have remained shells for more than two decades, what with overgrown shrubs, trees and bushes in them. The university is still using an old library in the Bulawayo's CBD whilst the 6 storeys unfinished library on campus is an eyesore with cranes that have been hanging on top for what looks like eternity.

NUST Library

Many other buildings are also either still to be finished like the Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering buildings. To make matters worse the same buildings and others like the Commerce Building are in a serious state of disrepair. When it rains many laboratories and offices flood and are unusable. The buildings are also not user-friendly for people with disabilities as lifts and hoists have not been installed ever since. The university has barely managed to construct student's hostels either with existing accommodation for less than 300 students in almost 30 years of its existence.

While other universities in other provinces are taking shape NUST has progressed backwards by some 20 years. The vast land in which it is situated has overgrown bushes and trees which have become a paradise for locals who search for firewood because of load shedding of power. The whole city, province and entire country must be wondering what it will take for the NUST project to be completed.

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