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President Mungagwa's address to the nation

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Tonight 9th of August, President E. D. Munangagwa gave speech updating the nation on how the country has been doing so far. In his speech he mentioned both the bad and good. He says people are enjoying all fundamental rights and bad laws are being repealed.

Zimbabwe at the current state it is not a good place to invest.

While we are not yet where we desire, we have registered significant gains in terms of easy of doing business.

He applauded the people for keeping peace country and pledges to keep the hand of dialogue.

Mining has been one of the sectors the government has been pushing. He said the gold output has been on an upward growth. Under the new dispensation it has been a good mining year adding that infrastructure is being upgraded

Electricity has been a major challenge in the country. With people and businesses going up to 18 hours without electricity and the country was in the verge of total darkness. About the issue he said

Lake Kariba is only 24% full and power generation declined by 2/3. Good news is expansion of Hwange thermal power is proceeding well, we are now importing electricity and load shedding is set to improve.

The country has highiest levels of corruption. We have been seeing ministers and Zanu PF top leaders being arrested. He said the country should declare zero tolerance to corruption.

The President also gave an update the Gwayi Shangani Dam, that it has started and expected to be completed in a year's time

Later in this year October the President is will be set to visit Russia at the invitation of Putin.

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