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Suicide claims the lives of young men in Zimbabwe

Suicide rates have been increasing in Zimbabwe during the past five years and men have been leading the numbers. What is more worrying is that the youth between 15-24 years of age are also choosing this route to end their lives.

What could be the problem? The following are some of the suspected causes:


With the ongoing economic challenges in Zimbabwe with inflation sitting at over 800% and unemployment rate, as high as more than 90% youths are prone to stress which leads to depression. Some people depend on the youths to help fend for their families but it is difficult to do as there is no money to acquire the basic goods and services. The Zimbabwe economic crisis has led the youths especially teenagers to drop out of school as parents can no longer afford to keep them at school. Since the children will have nothing much to do they can turn to drugs, drinking, crime etc to occupy themselves leading to depression.

Problems at home

When youths consistently see their parents fighting or they are being abused at home it can drive them to suicide.

The other problem is that adults or parents do not take depression in children or youths seriously for they believe someone without responsibilities cannot be depressed. The issue is only taken seriously when it is too late.

Society Pressure

There are a lot of society pressures that come with being a man. Men are believed to be providers for their families, they are also meant to be strong and not show emotion even when down, stressed etc and they end up bottling all those emotions. Such pressure can lead to a man taking his own life.


Men need support groups where they can say their troubles without fear of being judged.

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