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Slave trade continues through job promises in Africa

It is 400 years since transatlantic slave trade began. Although it was officially ended in 1807 in mostly the British Empire it has continued in various forms till this day in some parts of Africa. According to a 2017 report by the Human Rights groups, Walk Free Foundation and the International labour office every 7 out of 1000 people fall victim to slavery.

Most African countries have very poor economies with very high rates of unemployment. For many African people the only way to find jobs and help their families survive is to look for a job outside their country of origin.

Human traffickers see an opportunity and trap these vulnerable Africans in order to sell them to other countries. Taking advantage of the internet the human traffickers post flashy adverts purporting to offer people accommodation and help them apply for visas in a very simple and fast way. By the time people get to the other side of the border they discover that what was promised is not true. Passports are taken away from them so as to lose their identity and they are subsequently sold to other people. Women are often used as prostitutes and working in harsh conditions often being beaten up and given no pay. The southern part of Africa appears to bear the brunt of this unfortunate practice. As the Zimbabwean economy collapses with unprecedented unemployment rates Zimbabweans are desperately in need for jobs in order to help their families survive. Many of them are constantly scouring for jobs online so that they can leave the country and work elsewhere. Human traffickers have been pouncing on them and are trafficked to other nations that they don't even know of where they are locked inside houses and have nowhere to run away to. When applying for jobs on the internet people are advised to research on the sites carefully, check the backgrounds of these sites and also check the authenticity of the jobs being offered. There are many sites like this one that can help separate genuine advertisers from scammers.

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