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Sentiments from the youth as Zimbabwe turns 40

Zimbabwe turned 40 years today. While the country has faced many challenges in it's history including poverty particularly during the current Covid -19 pandemic the youths have been greatly affected both negatively and positively.

●I believe true independence was enjoyed only for a short while..before the country started rotting frm within, b4 all this corruption, looting & state capture..before government was taken over by cartels and corrupt elements/individuals...now we dont enjoy as the youth, we are failing to reap the fruits of their labour due to gross mis-management of state resources...unemployment levels, staggeringly high, people living in poverty are the majority..youth is left to go the extra mile and think outside the box to make an ernest living in an environment where things dont stop changing..it's hard as youth to make it & eventually make yo family proud, well ofcourse if you're not linked or well connected, generally ma1..food shortages & endless ques are basically the order of the day for most...

in a nutshell, it isnt really the independence people had in mind..thats y no1's really hyped about it🤷🏽‍♂

●My thoughts in a nutshell..Zimbabwe is independent but tied down with political rot. We are not free at all. We are still in chains

●Yebo....I agree....we are still waiting for freedom. They tell us we are free from the white man but who is going to free us from the black man? Our fellow man who has placed us in chains in the guise of protecting us? When are we truly going to become a democratic nation that votes knowing that the outcome will be fair and taken as it is? When do those of us who are away feel comfortable going back home without fearing a worse situation?

●In response to your article about independence.. As the country turns 40.we as the youth find ourselves frustrated borderline betrayed by those who are governing us. On a day where we should be celebrating the blood sacrifices made by all those unsung heroes who died in the war for a better tomorrow it makes you wonder if their sacrifice was one in vein..

As Zimbabwe turns what is it that we can say we are celebrating besides the end of white people ruling us,its been 40 years of limited growth of democracy,the realisation of basic rights and fundamental rights still falls far of the mark .

The new dispensation sang songs of hope and revival but little has been done to realise the rhetoric they seemed to spew.

So as the nation turns 40.do we have reason to celebrate..

●It's a hollow celebration. The freedom fighters did their part. It's time for the youths to stop acting like this country belongs to these brutes and be vocal. It's time for us to speak out and fight against injustice or else, we'll be singing the same song for a century. Fear is normal. Cowardice is unacceptable. This country is ours!

●To be honest I don't really think indepence is for the youth... Or the people in question... It's now basically just become a holiday for zanu on its own were they get the poor who support zanu and give them sum t-shirts with a presidents face on it and maybe sum food to keep em believing for next elections... If there was truly independence power wouldn't just be with warvets and zanu pf and people over the age of 50. The whole country wuld be proud to actually say our country is free. I'm not saying we are unhappy to be independent but question is....are we really 🤷🏽‍♂️

●Hi, there's nothing to celebrate. Generations after generations are being born out of the country and not even bothered to be taught their mother tongue becoz in essence, there's no life in Zim. If you don't know anybody official or come from a well off family, goodluck finding a job and actually getting paid your agreed salary 🙌🏻 its getting worse by the minute and abantu ubaphila ngokuthunyezelwa 🤷🏻‍♀

●Right. Independence is about us being independent from colonial rule & supremacy. In 1960, the Youths of then looked at colonial liberation as their independence. They put in the effort to make it happen, they struggled for that goal & ultimately achieved it overwhelmingly in 1980!

This independence empowered them with rule, education, careers & all things we take for granted today; look at our parents!

We ought to celebrate it for the honour of our parents struggle & pursuits to a free life! We were born into this space so it's what it is w us.

However, we ought to acknowledge this indepence with the opportunities & privileges vested upon us, head starters to our own struggle, mind you our parents & elders did not get a head start like us. So we ought to take this relay stick passed to us & take this course of another struggle for independence. Which we have to identify as financial independence. We have to combat the challenges we face to be financially independent & flexible so that in te next 40 years, our own children will celebrate a triple braided independence. We have to empower ourselves & equip ourselves with essential armour to be independent of poverty! We want to pass our relay sticks to our children in the next 40 years so they can run their then race &/or struggle for independence. Otherwise if we don't do that, our children will still sing the zanu song of blame, utter the same words to Mugabe that he failed us! We'd still be on the same stone that our parents of today leaped on.

🥂 - To independence.

●I feel like Zim is independant in the books but practically we are not

●Hi, there is no war, but we are not free. U become an active political activist, kno that u may dealt with. Pre independence offered a better economy than now.

●I wish the country a happy Independence day and unity to pull through the pandemic. I encourage a collective effort towards economic recovery, good governance and social cohesion.

●Well I'm not celebrating it cause we not independent at all...just because white people aren't the ones oppressing us doesn't mean we independent...it's actually sad cause a black man who fought for the freedom of this country is the same person causing this countries people so much pain obviously the less elite persons I mean. Which honestly sickens me cause then this means all those warriors and their families lost loved ones for nothing because till today we can't not practice the 1st human right which is freedom of speech. We leave in so much fear that if we did the president would send soldiers to take us out without a second thought. I will only celebrate when this country is truly independent where the youth are given the opportunity to actually be something in this country, actually have a seat in presidential offices where we can shape the country for the future. This so called freedom where we can not even hold a free and fair election, I pity this country cause it's been a long time since this country was indeed independent and empowered their people to be greater but instead we boost for having the most educated people but where are these people now? Until I have the freedom to say what's on my mind out in public and not fear disappearing, get job opportunities, partake in an election where my vote goes to the person I actually voted for, have a government that actually knows what it's doing and not being driven by power greedy individuals who make jokes out of the suffering of its people then only then will I celebrate

●We should just be colonised again maybe we might turn out to be better and have jobs..40 years of piling up the degrees and not using them.a country were the youths think leaving zim is an achievement because the system would have failed us.

●Independence without out sense of being independent its pointless because we are still enslaved by this corrupt government

●Even though we appreciate wat the war fighters dd fr us..

It's jst a like any other ordinary day because it has lost its value.. We wre only freed from the British but not freed from the black power hungry politicians.. We are only independent on paper but not economic policies that support the values and visions of the yuth... I would rather spend the day looking fr money than to go out and celebrate...

In short we are not free because no freedom of expression.. No practice or rule of law..

●40years down the line still no progress

No sustainable system for education,healthcare,jobs,poverty datum line still on the rise,inflation following suit. It's a depressing situation for us coz our generation is really struggling.

●I feel that as a young female .. independence in Zimbabwe has brought about more financial freedom for me .I believe that although the economy is really not that booming i have freedom as a female citizen to be able to imitiate business setups ,trade and general enterprenureship.This is something that comes with a country being free from colonialism .I also believe an independent country yields independent minds.We have a safe space to contribute and our voices are loud enough ,we just have to work on how we implement .I personally feel free in my own country .i can walk to the bank and apply for a loan and get to work .I am comfortable as a youth to embrace my culture and i feel the glow of pride wearing my black skin in zimbabwe

●The fiercest liberation struggle was fought in Zimbabwe , it was termed the Guerrilla wars.

It wasn’t like any other nations of using anarchy as a means to get attention. It was meant to out smart your opponent by military , intellectual strength.

This saw the recruitment of children into the army , the lucky ones being sent abroad for education and those who remained were educated by the catholic church .These women and men were loved their country. We remember their sacrifice as they had to live in bushes, dodge bullets , die , walk from Zimbabwe to Mozambique, Zambia , Tanzania etc .

The vision was quite clear 🙏Happy independence Zimbabwe 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼

●well i fill we not rilly independent coz independence intels a lot of things like self sufficiency,freedom of speech,self reliance just to mention a few of which we not close to any, look at the covid pandemic ,our economy and all 40 yrs later and we still suffering yet we clame to be indepedent

●Zimbabwe @40

I believe when they went to war to liberate the country it was for a good cause.this is the day we celebrate the little freedom we have, perhaps we can never really know the importance of the day as they call us born free because we never experienced 'the struggle'.

The youth question the Independence at hand because economically are not . Is the cause our leaders? Or lazy youth?

I guess corruption, poor governance and greed has robbed the independence we think we should be having.

I thought maybe our journey will be like those of the Israelites, after 40 years will be in the land of milk and honey. Is it really going to come? Is it possible to have Zim once the bread basket of Africa become a LANd of milk and honey?

I wonder were we went wrong but as they say life begins @40, I hope good fortunes awaits Zim now esp her youths. We look forward to a shift of having less street beggers and more youths in offices and give their energy towards growing the GDP .

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE but wat has happened to us Zim, we will not forget the 15 billion , in byo they will not forget gukurahundi . we need healing as a nation.

●bathi life begins at 40, ake sibone🇿🇼

●Well first

If we look at both rulings ,they are kinda different

Mugabe's one l wouldn't really say were independent and free as Zimbabweans however were considered to be free from being ruled by the whites

But when we celebrate independence ,it shouldn't only be abt the country ,but abt it's people as well. So wat l would say abt this year's Independence is that , atleast we are given a platform to raise out our own opinions , without the fear of getting arrested, which is what the country and its people need inorder to progress.

●Like our forefathers failed us and they keep holding on to mess up worse. Its time to do anything and everything to get ahead.

●there is nothing to be happy about zimbabwe turning 40 yrs we are suffering and there is nothing to be proud of or happy about especially us the youth we have nothing to hold on too instead we are poor and jobless we can't even afford anything

●It’s meaningless to us because we are scattered all over trying to make a living we can’t even gather together with our loved ones because we are far from home....so to me there’s nothing to celebrate about this day

●It wasted our lives... We don't know independence

●I appreciate those who died for us to gain freedom

●Basically independence day doesnt to Bulawayo and Matabeleland region at large. Gukurahundi is still paining us.

●Ey yah independence is evoking mixed feelings. The dominant one is despair. I myself had completely forgotten until I saw this status "Zimbabwe is turning a whole 40 years old. Dai ari munhu riri rombe last number". It's no longer what it used to be a decade or so ago. Some people just can't ignore the politics

●In the previous years, mostly my high school years, I used to celebrate this day and even watch proceedings on ZBC with the ever eloquent R.G. Mugabe narrating the history of the liberation struggle and how we as young black Zimbabweans should harness this opportunity that they, the freedom fighters, brought to us. I should say that it was perhaps the naivety of being young that made me celebrate this day though I noticed that my family, older persons, were not even bothered by it. To them it was just another day off from work for them to do a few personal errands or just get some rest. It is recently that I sat down & thougt to myself, what really are we celebrating every independence day. Are we celebrating the rampant human rights abuses by the gvt to its citizens that keep on increasing, from soon after 1980 independence itself through Gukurahundi, to the 2000, 2008 elections to name but just a few? Are we celebrating the closure of every industry that provided employment to millions? Are we celebrating the ever deteriorating health service we have in Zim, (which is more evident now In light of COVID-19)? Are we celebrating the graduates' certificates that have become part of the decor in our parent's houses, whilst they are not put into good use? Are we celebrating our own poverty? I asked myself these and many other questions.

This day to me, has become nothing but just a day of reminiscing where our leaders have went wrong, and it seems everywhere! Corruption being the biggest one in this day! It has become a day of dreams, trans for a new liberation. It has become a day of waiting, for a new independence day! More importantly it has become a day of strategising, for myself and ither youths how and when we can truly liberate ourselves.

●Lol it doesn't feel like I independence vele coz siyazihawulela they don't even take our views or ideas into consideration. They dnt even give us the freedom to say or do wat we want so I independence yabo we don't even feel it. We r angry, very angry😡😡😡

●We are told we are born free yet we dont see the independence at all. To me its just a day like other days just a difference of that it was declared our freedom day. Its just a holiday😂 nothing to celebrate. Sisendlaleni enje😂

"The country will never die, the young people will save it", said the legendary Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo.

The question as the youth should not be how we feel about Zim@40, rather what we are doing as the youth to build the country. Aren't we not disappointing the Great J. M. Nkomo today by sitting and doing nothing about it? Surely he must be turning in his grave seeing that his grandchildren are doing fokol!

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