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Meandering through the obstacles of the film industry in Zimbabwe for Matabeleland youths

For young people in Zimbabwe, particularly from Matabeleland, breaking into the film industry is not easy as there is are numerous challenges.

Luzibo caught up with a young and upcoming filmmaker and scriptwriter Thandekile Ndlovu based in Bulawayo and asked him to briefly state his experience in the industry. Below are excerpts of the interview where Luzibo is LZ while Thandekile Lindelwe Ndlovu is TLN.

LZ: May you please introduce yourself and how long have you been in the industry?

TLN: My name is Thandekile Lindelwe Ndlovu. I started doing drama in high school, later on, I chose script writing.

LZ: Why did you decide to venture into this industry?

TLN: I have a passion for it, something that I enjoy doing.

LZ: What challenges you met and how have you overcome them?

TLN: At first, my colleagues and I started a theatre performance company but did not do well. So some of my colleagues quit, others moved to South Africa and I was on my own. Then I started doing films. I realised people spend more time on the internet surfing or being on social media, therefore I thought film be will be a game-changer but they are challenges I am facing. The film industry does not have support in Zimbabwe and sourcing equipment is a challenge. So l collaborate with people who have equipment then we share the credit.

LZ: How is the film industry in Matabeleland?

TLN: In Matabeleland, the film industry is yet to rise. There are a lot of filmmakers out thee ut they are either facing challenges of financial support or support from local audiences.

LZ: What was your biggest achievement and what do you attribute that to?

TLN: I managed to shoot my own first short film in February this year. It was m about team effort, my mentor and inspiration Thokozile Zulu. She contributes a lot through motivation.

LZ: What are the lessons that you have learnt in this industry and how have they helped you develop?

TLN: In an environment that is economically disabled, there is slow progress. I decided to be creative and work on low budget films.

LZ: What should your audience expect from you now and onwards?

TLN: I am working on two film projects. In the coming two weeks I believe that they will be something.

LZ: What is the future like for film and television in the country? Will it reach international standards?

TLN: The future of our film industry is bright, considering the fact that we now have the internet. The audience is not limited to one's area but across the globe. We have companies like Netflix, so the future is definitely bright.

LZ: What kind of advice would you give to young people who want to break into the industry?

TLN: Film is a big industry, so for one to break into it they have to bring in all they have got. Putting all your energy in one goal yields the best result.

You can check out Thandekile Ndlovu's work on our Home tab or click on the links below



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