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Lockdown leaves family in a destitute situation

The Vuyisile Mayisa Foundation also known as Saved Dreams is an organization founded by 21 year old Vuyisile Mayisa. The foundation is operational in South Africa and Zimbabwe. It's mandate is to render services that help vulnerable children. During the Month of May the foundation will be paying tuition fees for 10 primary school pupils.

The organization has identified a family, Chuma family, in Emganwini high density surbub in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe that is headed by a widow with 3 children 1 of which is disabled. The disabled child was born able bodied but fell sick lat year becoming bedridden with nutrient deficiency. The family survives through hand to mouth activities. Their house does not have water or electricity. The mother has got no one to leave the disabled child with when she goes out to scrounge for food, so she locks the child inside the house.

Lock down has made the situation harder as they all have to stay at home with no food and even if they risked going to look for food they would not get any help as everyone is at home.

Should you want to help this family please contact Vuyisile Mayisa at 0774364408

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