Is renewable energy really safe for the environment?

World leaders and environmental activists have been pushing for the use of renewable energy in the world in order to push back global warming. Though the idea sounds good, it appears the world has never thought about the cons of renewable energy. Renewable energy sources and accompanying farms, by design, rely on technologies that are themselves powered by fossil fuels. For example, electric cars may not emit CO2 exhaust fumes, but they are charged from the conventional electricity grid which as expected, itself uses mostly coal as primary energy source. Yes, there are many countries that have hydro generated power but a lot more countries use nuclear and thermal generated energy that is not so clean afterall.

The construction of most of the renewable energy installations itself contributes to global warming. For example the process of making solar panels itself contributes to the destruction of the environment.

This clip shows the process from the extraction of raw materials to the complete solar panel product.

So what will really save our environment?

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