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How can Bulawayo bounce back?

Bulawayo popularly known as the city of Kings and Queens was for a long time the country's industrial hub and knew how to sustain itself. Now because of the failed economy of the country and negligence it is quickly turning into a ghost town. Out of all the cities in Zimbabwe Bulawayo experienced the highest brain drain in he last 4 decades and till today it is still "exporting" skilled people. All hope is not lost though. Here are some investment opportunities in the city: Tourism Sector 1) Transport •More Airlines are needed. At the moment we have 4 airlines that are expensive due to lack of competition. •Transport from airport to Bulawayo. There is no transport service linking the airport and the city. •Connection flights to other tourist destinations in Matland eg Vic falls and Hwange from Bulawayo •proper tourist transportation to tourist destinations. 2) Cultural center Byo city council has designated land for a cultural center. This center is meant to showcase the more that 10 ethnic groups we have in Bulawayo. A trust has already been set up but needs investors. 3) 5 star hotel There is a need for a *5 star hotel* for wealthy businessmen who come to Bulawayo. In Bulawayo we currently have 3x3 star hotels. At the moment some people prefer flying back to Johannesburg on that same day to avoid sleeping in the city. EDUCATION SECTOR 1)There is a need to build more libraries and technozones for the youth. At the moment the youth have to come all their way to town to read. 2)More social and education zones for youth 3) Providing accommodation •We have NUST and School of Mines students who need proper accommodation. TRANSPORTATION SECTOR 1) Road Rehabilitation. Most roads in the city are in dilapidated state. 2)Bulawayo has a huge potential for better transportation system because of space. WATER AND WASTE INFRASTRUCTURE The Bulawayo city Council has listed opportunities in this sector eg provision of water pipes, chemicals etc. HOUSING SECTOR 1)There is a back log in providing low cost housing in Bulawayo 2)Renovating old flats and making them conducive for people to stay in. 3)Makokoba Redevelopment Project MINING SECTOR There are gold mines in and around Bulawayo eg How mine, Old Nic mine, Turk mine to name but a few. However the minerals are not processed but exported raw where they are processed and then sold back to us at high prices. This can be avoided if we had processing companies locally. Agro-processing Sector So many foods are being thrown away especially in the market. There is a need for a food processing factory that will bottle or tin the foods.

Specifical economic Zones These were created by the government so that it is easier for people to see where they want to invest.

They are mainly for: Beef and leather industry Car assembly Engineering industry ICT Innovation Park Pharmaceutical Industry Cosmetic industry Steel Fabrication Solar Engineering

These are found in Belmont, Donnington and Kelvin industrial areas. Buildings are there. Umvimila is land available for any enterprise and has already been designated. These places will be known as inland ports and you will be able to freely export your products.

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