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Fired doctors now looking for jobs out side the country

77 doctors were dismissed from work on the 5th of November after 80 doctors were sent for disciplinary hearing by the health services board. More doctors are expected to face the chop as disciplinary proceedings are continuing. This comes after over 500 doctors stopped going to work for over 2 months citing incapacitation due to poor salaries and conditions of service. Currently the department of health in Zimbabwe is in a shambles as there is no medication, surgical gloves and many other resources necessary to perform surgery. Doctors argued that returning to work in the current setup would be like watching patients die. Hospitals countrywide have reportedly seen up to 2000 maternity deaths during the period which has been the highest number in a long time. Doctors and nurses claim they do not have medication to help mothers when giving birth. Doctors are now looking for jobs outside the country particularly UK and Ireland where it is reported that there are more than 1000 vacancies for doctors and nurses.

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