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Do you wish to be a teacher in African languages?

Balakhulu Royal College of African Languages Culture and Heritage Studies (BRCALCHS) teacher training Applications are now open. The school targets mainly languages in the Matabeleland region focusing on rural districts with trained teachers who are willing to go back and teach the languages there. The languages are Xhosa, Venda, Swati, Kalanga, Sotho, Tswana, Zulu (Amantungwa), Ndebele (AmaGodonga), Lozwi, Nambia and Karanga (Chibi). BRCALCHS offers a Cultural Creative Industries Higher Diploma in education in the field of Applied VPA&Heritage Studies with 7 courses that are the pillars of the global Cultural Creative Industries (CCI). The programme is 3 years leading to a CCI Higher Teaching Diploma in Education. This is a teacher training program that aims to produce quality primary and secondary school teachers to teach the Applied VPA&Heritage Syllabus in Zimbabwean schools inline with the country’s new education curriculum. This course will equip you to teach the CCI Courses at infant, junior and secondary schools countrywide. Balakhulu Royal College of African Languages Culture and Heritage Studies will continue to provide you with complete in school training, course materials, curriculums, videos, equipment, technology support and other materials necessary for you to teach quality Applied CCI lessons to learners in your school of placement. After successfully completing the training you will be required to sign a CCI Teacher Agreement, and as a certified CCI Teacher, you will be authorized to conduct lessons in Schools and Industry Workshops on a revenue-sharing basis with Balakhulu Royal College of African Languages Culture and Heritage Studies. The Balakhulu Royal College of African Languages Culture and Heritage Studies, formerly Amakhosi Performing Arts Academy, is a Division of Amakhosi Trust. Website: www.amakhositrust.org; email: info@amakhositrust.org. The college is registered with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology. It is affiliated to Lupane State University. So how do you apply? It is simple. Click the link below, download and print the document below, fill it in with your normal handwriting and under where you heard the College from you write Luzibo.

For Submission 1. Personal ID Documents Certified Copies 2. Teacher's Training Application Form 3. By completing and submitting this form you agree that all information is accurate and true. 4. Please include a passport size picture for our records. 5. Application Fee US5 or equivalent.(not refundable) 6. Personally hand in your application form and documents at Amakhosi Cultural Centre Offices before the 15th of February 2020; time 5pm. 7. After you submit your application and documents prepare your 5min presentation for your interview and audition on the 20th of February, on a topic of your choice in your selected course to showcase to the admission panel what you already can do in that field


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