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 Cont Mhlanga launches a youth captivating historical book

On Saturday the 14th of December Cont Mhlanga launched his historical book called Mthwakazi Wars-Izimpi ZikaMthwakazi 1890-1983. The book captures the attention of the youth as it is written in both Ndebele and English (aka Ndenglish). According to the author this was done in order for the youths to understand and familiarise themselves with the book . It's objective is to rewrite the distorted history and to help the youth know where they come from. Mr Mhlanga says "Zimbabwean history has been misleading or has loop holes and this is the time to fix that". The launch was graced by the the Mayor of Bulawayo, guests from South Africa, writers like NoVoilet Bulawayo and people from in and around Bulawayo who were very excited by the occasion. Mthwakazi wars- Izimpi ZikaMthwakazi has been getting positive reviews and some criticism. The book was published by #thewalk Canada books International. The book can be found at Amakhosi cultural centre, Bulawayo Art gallery and books of Zimbabwe for 100ZAR, 100 ZWD or 6USD.

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