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Change of divorce laws in Britain worry religious leaders

According to BBC News the England and the Wales governments have confirmed that they have launched a consultation proposing sweeping changes to the divorce laws making it easier for people to obtain divorce. In the current law, unless people can prove that their marriage has broken down due to infidelity, unreasonable behaviour or desertion, the only other way one can obtain a divorce without a spouse’s consent is to live apart for five or more years.

The Justice Secretary David Gauke confirmed the change of the laws. He said the current laws were “out of touch with modern life.”

Church leaders have raised concern that this will raise the levels of divorce. They say it will destroy the value of family and there will be more cases of children falling into depressive situations because of living without one or more of their parents. They also argue that the proposed laws will make marriage lose value as people will be coming in and out of marriage easily. The government is focusing on the pros and not the cons of the proposed divorce law.

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