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Cabinet's review on minimum wage for domestic workers per month

Yesterday the government agreed to review the minimum wage for domestic workers without industrial employment council. They are normally termed unclassified operations. The review was as follows:

- Gardener ZW$160.00
-Housekeeper ZW$168.48
-Child minder ZW$179.00
-Disabled minder with a Red Cross Certificate or equavalent ZW$189.70
-Workers in unclassified operations ZW$338.00

This minimum wage does not sustain the workers because basic commodities in Zimbabwe are expensive. Some basic commodities are priced as follows:

20kg mealie meal $120

2ltrs cooking oil $40

1kg salt $15

1kg beef $25

1 loaf of bread $10

With food prices being so high domestic workers still have to pay fees for their children and buy uniforms. With this kind of wage they cannot afford anything. However they are not the only ones crying foul over their wages, even many employers can not afford domestic workers anymore. Doctors are still on strike. Their wages are equivalent to US $80 and they do not have the tools to help patients with. The health system in Zimbabwe has all but collapsed.

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