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Bulawayo residents have not accepted the inclusion of a pregnant student at school

The parliamentary hearing for the education amendment bill was held yesterday 15th April 2019 in Bulawayo. In this parliamentary hearing residents were expressing their views on what was and what was not to be included in the amended bill.

Bulawayo residents that where present agreed that corporal punishment must be brought back to school and that pregnant girls must not be allowed at school. The Bill had proposes that a pregnant student must be allowed to attend but Bulawayo residents voted strongly against it.

“Pregnant girls should not be allowed in schools. Imagine in the initial stages of pregnancy when they are vomiting and all sorts of things, how that child will cope in class. They will definitely be a laughing stock from their peers and this might result in miscarriages,” said Ms Lina Mkoma from Emabuthweni.

This has also raised the question of what to do with the boy who impregnated the girl.

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