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Bulawayo celebrates 125

Bulawayo is celebrating 125 years of existence but according to history Bulawayo has existed for more than that. Bulawayo before colonisation was the capital city of the Mthwakazi state (1823-1894). It was founded by King Mzilikazi of the amaNdebele around 1840 as the kraal of Mzlikazi. Bulawayo was captured by the British South African company soldiers in 1983 during the first Matabele war. That year British soldiers rebuilt the town but was destroyed by Ndebele soldiers during the second Matabele war led by Queen Lozikeyi.

Bulawayo received its municipal status in 1897 and its city status in 1943. The city was known as the cleanest city in Zimbabwe and as the industrial hub especially for factories that produced cars and car products, building materials, electronic products, textiles, furniture, and food products. It is also the headquarters for the National Rail of Zimbabwe. So far there has been economic challenges that have made most of the industries closing down.

The city is rich in culture and arts, as it is known the city of Kings and Queens. Bulawayo has very talented people in the arts sector,writers, actors, singers, painter, sculptors and poets. The art sector has also been facing challenges that the local broadcasting company has not been showing their talents or recognising them. With all the problems that the city is facing they have manage coming up with solutions, for example the Bulawayo Arts Awards, that recognizes their own.

Can Bulawayo go back to its previous status and how?

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