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Are outdoor Billboards best way to advertise Bulawayo events to tackle data problems?

Most events (entertainment or council and parliamentary meetings) and leisure places in Bulawayo are mainly advertised through social media. The reality of the matter is that with Zimbabwe's poor economy and the rising prices of basic commodities it has become hard for people to know what is going on around them. On Monday we saw the Econet mobile network increase its data prices. Electricity has also been a huge problem that even if anyone has WiFi connections they can only use it for a few hours and mostly it is to catch up with loved ones. Locals when asked about events going on in the Art Gallery, Amphitheatre, Museum, Bulawayo music academy, Alliance Francé, Queens Sports Club, BAC etc, of which some of the events are

"I would have loved to attend but I didn't know."

People who know about these events are people from Bulawayo who are no longer living in the country. Bulawayo was known as a place that did not support local artists which made them look for greener pastures in other cities or countries. When locals were asked why they do not support local artists they said was because they did not know about them. The situation has improved ever since Skyz Metro FM and Khulumani FM hit the waves. The music industry has finally gotten the opportunity to flourish. The Bulawayo Arts Awards has opened people's eyes on how the Bulawayo Arts are like.

What is a digital bill Board?

Digital billboards are electronic image displays that present multiple static advertisements on a rotating basis which is controlled by a computer. They are 2 types of digital billboards, indoor and outdoor. The indoor is mainly used in shops and malls. Outside digital billboards are on the side of the road, on buildings and above the road. Times Square is a great example of digital billboards.

How do they work?

A small computer attached to the digital billboard transmits the advertising images to the display screen. Advertising agencies can update the advertisements on these billboards remotely, by using the wireless cellular phone network to access the billboard computer. A designer produces a digital advertisement on a computer, which can then be uploaded to any number of displays. Digital billboards display advertisements for 6 to 10 seconds, with as many as eight businesses sharing one billboard.


Digital billboards save time and offer design flexibility. While traditional billboards had to be printed, pasted and removed by hand, all updating for digital billboards happens through the computer. This allows advertisers to change billboards frequently and provide time-sensitive information more immediately.


These digital displays do have several advertising limitations. LEDs can only be one colour at a time, which makes fine lines and shading difficult to display accurately. Digital billboards also show several advertisers per location, making exclusivity an issue.

BUT it gives the local people a chance to see what is going on. Digital Billboards must be put at a location where local people can not miss them because a picture lasts love and a video brings more vividness to the memory.

See more on: https://bizfluent.com/how-does-4969382-digital-signage-work.html

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