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Ambivalent feelings from Bulawayo residents as council announces the closure of khothama and scania

Today Bulawayo residents woke up to news that scania yards and khothama will be closed in the Central Business District area. The council says these operations must be done in the suburbs instead. The two informal sectors have been known to create employment and a source of living for many residents. But for some it had brought congestion to the city and had made the city look untidy. It also was causing problems to many clothing retail stores that actually pay tax to the government.

We spoke to a well known scania vendor who is known for selling bananas in town on how he feels about the council's drastic decision:

Well I don't feel hopeless at all because that's not happening! The prohibition of scania vending would shut down so many self employed people's lives and their system of generating income. Our lives are dependent on this there's no alternative! So it's not happening at all, do you think all these "scania for hire" businesses will become useless after so many years of running because a mayor made an inconsiderate and unstrategic decision? It won't happen people would rather die of corona than empty stomachs. One way or another eventually, the scania will penetrate the city ngenkani.
The council's inconsiderate decision for vendors. You see it's two things that their decision has disadvantaged for me & other scania vendors; ¹They don't want us roaming with our carts in the city so we can't generate income. ²I was looking forward to reapplying for a license at the Dugmore offices but because of their limitation now on top of their backlog on people they haven't licensed, it's unfortunate on my part.
Leaving me with no choice but to resort to anyway possible to keep my business functional.

The city council says it is implementing these regulations to try and stop the spread of covid 19.

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